About Us:

We are a trading company named Hydrau Electro Mechanical Solution (Hems). Since from 2006 we are in the business of power Generator. HEMS import and distribute generator all over Bangladesh Market. we have a head office located at Gulshan area of Dhaka city and we have our own ware house located at Aftab nagar , Dhaka. HEMS is  doing business for last 8 years and our office members are only 6 in number and got 3 service team located at three points of Dhaka division to provide after sales support of our customer. beside our own office members and service team , our company has 8 HEMS sales agent all over in Bangladesh market and 3 of them are located at Nawabpur Dhaka which is the main retail and wholesale machinery market of Bangladesh. Our main focus is B2B business. We import generator mainly from China, UK and Poland. We have all most all type of spare parts to provide persistent service for our customer.

Scope of power generation business
Power generator business in Bangladesh is growing very fast. Bangladesh, with its 180 million people in a land mass of 147,570 sq km,  has shown tremendous growth in recent years.  A booming economic growth, rapid urbanization and  increased industrialization and development  has increased the country’s demand for electricity. Presently, 62% of the total population (including renewable energy) has access to electricity and per capita generation is 321 kWh, which is very low compared to other developing countries. Total production capacity is 10618 MWh but in average it produces 6000 MWh .

Price of diesel : 68 BDT per litre

Price of Natiural Gas : In Bangladesh, state-owned gas entities sell natural gas to consumers at an average price of BDT 147.3 per unit (1,000 cubic feet, or 1Mcf), but buy gas from the International Oil Company (IOC)-operated fields at BDT 210 per Mcf .


Our Generator set

  • Cummins Diesel power generator set
  • Perkins Diesel power generator set
  • Deutz Diesel power generator set
  • Volvo Diesel power generator set
  • MAN Diesel power generator set
  • Scania Diesel power generator set
  • Mitsubishi Diesel power generator set
  • Doosan Diesel power generator set
  • Lovol Diesel power generator set
  • Jicahi Diesel power generator set
  • Kofo Diesel power generator set
  • Ningdong Diesel power generator set
  • Quanchai Diesel power generator set
  • MWM Gas power generator set.