Jichai Diesel Generator By HEMS Bangladesh


Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (JDEC) has been a professional manufacturer of internal combustion engines since the 1920’s. We provide diesel engine with power ranging from 30KW to 2400KW. Our primary products include: diesel engines, diesel generators, diesel generating sets, natural gas generators, and marine engines.
JDEC first began manufacturing diesel engines in the 1930’s, and became one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of diesel engines. Our team knows diesel engines inside and out, and nearly 80 years of manufacturing experience enables us to create the best products at the lowest prices. Through our constant attention to performance, reliability, and fuel economy, our products provide better value than ever for cost-conscious owner-operators.
With a wide range of horsepower available, you’ll find JDEC diesel engines on the job in many applications, from petroleum drilling rigs, marine powers, power stations, and locomotives to the military industry. Through a constant process of development and market expansion, our products, including diesel engines, diesel generators, and diesel generating sets, can be found all over the world, including America, Japan, Russia, and Italy, for instance.
At JDEC, we constantly focus on product quality. Certificates of BV, ISO9001, ISO4001, CE, HSE, CCS are proof of our commitment to quality and the environment. But we do not stop there. We are continually striving to improve our products and service. With an annual production capacity of 5,000 sets, we serve our customers promptly and efficiently, and our experienced dealers around the world will deliver the power systems and support that you need. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by reacting swiftly and flexibly to any possible problems or changes in our customers’ requirements.

Jinan Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd (JDEC) is the main manufacture of off-highway medium & large power engine in China. Jichai gensets are widely used for oil field, railway, metallurgy, petrifaction, navy vessels, fishing vessels, normal power supply and spare power, etc.

Jichai engine is a kind of high power, high speed engine. It adopts advanced design idea and introduces advanced technology. It has great advantage on good economic performance, great power, easy to start, easy for operation and convenient for maintenance, etc. Up to now, it has been on the leading position at the same kind of diesel engine in China.

Genset model Engine model Prime power
Standby Power
Fuel Consumption
AJC660 G6190ZLD 480/600 528/660 204 5600×1850×2600 7500
AJC688 G6190ZLD 500/625 650/688 204 5600×1850×2600 7800
AJC880 8190ZLD 640/800 704/880 200 6000×1850×2750 8000
AJC990 Z12V190B 720/900 792/990 209 5900×2040×2750 11000
AJC990 Z12V190BD2 720/900 792/990 209 5900×1850×2750 11000
AJC1100 Z12V190B 800/1000 880/1100 209 5900×2040×2750 12000
AJC1100 Z12V190BD2 800/1000 880/1100 209 5900×2040×2750 12000
AJC1100 Z12V190BD7 800/1000 880/1100 209 5900×2040×2750 12000
AJC1141 Z12V190B 830/1038 913/1141 209 5900×2040×2750 12000
AJC1141 Z12V190BD2 830/1038 913/1141 209 5900×2040×2750 12000
AJC1141 Z12V190BD7 830/1038 913/1141 209 5900×2040×2750 12000
AJC1238 G12V190ZL1 900/1125 990/1238 209.4 5900×2040×2750 13000
AJC1375 A12V190ZLD 1000/1250 1100/1375 205 6300×2200×3000 18000
AJC1375 A12V190PZL 1000/1250 1100/1375 205 6300×2200×3000 18000
AJC1485 A12V190ZLD 1080/1350 1188/1485 205 6300×2200×3000 18000
AJC1513 BH12V190ZL 1100/1375 1210/1513 205 6300×2200×3000 18000
AJC1513 BH12V190PZL 1100/1375 1210/1513 205 6300×2200×3000 18000
AJC1650 BH12V190ZL 1200/1500 1320/1650 205 6300×2200×3000 18000
AJC1650 BH12V190PZL 1200/1500 1320/1650 205 6300×2200×3000 18000
AJC2200 H12V190PZL 1600/2000 1760/2200 205 6300×2200×3100 19000
AJC2338 H16V190ZL 1700/2125 1870/2338 203 5525×2060×2500 24000
AJC2475 H16V190ZL 1800/2250 1980/2475 203 5525×2060×2500 24000
AJC2750 H16V190ZL 2000/2500 2200/2750 203 5525×2060×2500 24000
AJC3025 H16V190ZL 2200/2750 2420/3025 203 5525×2060×2500 24000


Jichai Diesel Generator by HEMS Bangladesh

HEMS imports Jichai diesel generator in Bangladesh. We have Full range of Jichai diesel Powered Generator. All Jichai Generator has one year or 8000 hours running warranty. All types of Original Jichai spare parts are available at our office (HEMS). Thus customer has continuous support. We have also online support (please visit http://hemsbd.com/contact-us/ ) . HEMS import Jichai Diesel Engine generator assembled in china. We do not compromise in quality. Our Jichai diesel engine is coupled with world famous alternator brand such as Stamford , Leroy Somer , Engga, Seimens and Meccallte. Also our Jichai genset comes up with Comap or Deep Sea Controller which are also world recognized brand. For continuous running all Jichai Generator sets has minimum 8 hour fuel capacity tank .Jichai engine and generator are mounted on shock absorber. Customer has also other option like canopy, ATS & AMF, Battery charger, skied mounted Canopy etc( please visit http://hemsbd.com/category/accessories/ ). We have two types of canopy in terms of sound level:  1. Sound noise level 85 db @ 7 meter distance 2. Sound noise level 85 db @ 1 meter distance

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