Doosan Diesel Generator By HEMS Bangladesh

Doosan Diesel Generator By HEMS Bangladesh


Doosan power, an integrated engine manufacturer, is a business enterprise specializing in producing diesel engine for large vessels, called the heart of the sea and power generation. The company has made important contribution to building up the image of ‘KOREA’, the world’s top shipbuilder’ and lighted up hopes of those living on islands and remote places through constructing diesel power plants.

Doosan started producing diesel engines for the first time in 1958, and produced Marine engines co-developed with AVL. They began production of medium duty engines under license of MAN(Germany) in 1957, and of light duty engines under license of ISUZU(Japan) in 1979.

Quality Awards

  • 1983Grand Prix of Quality Control(Honor of President/Korea)
  • 1986Iron Medal of Industry with STORM engine(Honor of President/Korea)
  • 1995Gold Medal of Q.C.C Contest(Honor of President/Korea)
  • 1997Grand Prix of Quality Management(Honor of President/Korea)
  • 1999Korean 100 Technology of 20th century with GE12TI CNG Engine( Seoul Economy Daily, Ministry of Science and Technology/Korea)


  • Keep good running at the temperature of 40℃ and altitude 1000m
  • Guarantee power output: 0~3%
  • Durability and low noise
  • Low emission
  • Easy service and maintenance


Doosan Genset Specification 50 HZ

Download (PDF, 23KB)

Doosan Genset Specification 60 HZ

Download (PDF, 40KB)


Doosan Diesel Generator by HEMS Bangladesh

HEMS imports Doosan diesel generator in Bangladesh. We have Full range of Doosan diesel Powered Generator. All Doosan Generator has one year or 8000 hours running warranty. All types of Original Doosan spare parts are available at our office (HEMS). Thus customer has continuous support. We have also online support (please visit ) . HEMS import Doosan Diesel Engine generator assembled in china. We do not compromise in quality. Our Doosan diesel engine is coupled with world famous alternator brand such as Stamford , Leroy Somer , Engga, Seimens and Meccallte. Also our Doosan genset comes up with Comap or Deep Sea Controller which are also world recognized brand. For continuous running all Doosan Generator sets has minimum 8 hour fuel capacity tank .Doosan engine and generator are mounted on shock absorber. Customer has also other option like canopy, ATS & AMF, Battery charger, skied mounted Canopy etc( please visit ). We have two types of canopy in terms of sound level:  1. Sound noise level 85 db @ 7 meter distance 2. Sound noise level 85 db @ 1 meter distance

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