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Elevator and HEMS:
We are doing Elevator Business For last 6 Years. We have our own Service and Installation team. Currently we are manufacturing elevator with all equipped with high end parts. Our HEMS Brand Elevator stands for Quality and reliability. We are providing 2 years warranty for Bangladesh Elevator market. Also we are doing business with very famous brand named HOSTING Elevator. They are the third Biggest elevator OEM company in China. Bangladesh Chinese Elevator demand is increasing rapidly. We Offer Fire proof door and earthquake protected Elevator in Bangladesh Market. We are the first promoter who offer such high end secured Elevator for Bangladesh Market.
Please visit us and purchase product with ensured quality , reliability with reasonable price.

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Bangladesh MONARCH CONTROLLER with machine room
Bangladesh Lift Main Components/hot sale nice 3000 elevator control/main board + Inverter ( Monarch)
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Bangladesh Lift Main Components/hot sale nice 3000 elevator control/main board +yaskawa Inverter.We supply Bangladesh Elevator Guide shoe.has Bangladesh Elevator Guide shoe Busher,Bangladesh Elevator Limited switch
Bangladesh Elevator ARD. Elevator power-off leveling device with battery and Bangladesh ElevatorFAN. we also sale Bangladesh Elevator leveling sensor.Bangladesh Elevator Encoder,Bangladesh Elevator PU buffer
Bangladesh Elevator LOP COP screen,Bangladesh Elevator COP LOP display,Bangladesh Elevator car top box,Bangladesh Elevator round oil cup.Bangladesh Elevator door contact
Bangladesh Elevator door rollers. Bangladesh Elevator bracket for guide rail.Bangladesh Elevator Rope fastening in elevator parts,Bangladesh Elevator lift transparent oil cup
Bangladesh Elevator elevator door operator controller Nice. We are one Bangladesh Elevator. We have Elevator stainless steel rope,Bangladesh Elevator guide rail. Bangladesh Elevator guide rail connector
Bangladesh Elevator speed governor.Bangladesh Elevator speed governor full set,Bangladesh Elevator safety gear. We also import Bangladesh Elevator Light curtain,Bangladesh Elevator gear motor for elevator
Bangladesh Elevator gearless traction machine. Bangladesh Elevator COP and LOP,Bangladesh Elevator push button and Bangladesh Elevator Door Drive. Bangladesh Elevator Mitsubishi center opening landing door
Bangladesh Elevator elevator slider,Bangladesh Elevator elevator contactor. Bangladesh Elevator Elevator intercom set.