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Ningbo Hosting Elevator Co., Ltd. was set up in 1993. It is a national key new technology-based firm and a professional elevator and escalator manufacture which integrates the development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance into a whole.
    In order to expand production and meet market demand to serve customers better, with the original industrial park as a center a new plant covering 120mu and building area 80000 square meters which will have a test tower high 165.2m is under preparation for construction. The maximum speed can be tested is 10m/s. The new plant is mainly used to product elevators and escalators. The first phase capacity will reach 10000 sets.
    Hosting Elevator has imported first-class complete sets of equipment for metal cutting, sheet metal fabrication and coating and test equipment worth RMB five hundred millions. Our products are widely applied in the government-financed projects, real estate projects, hotels and urban rail transit projects and more than 30% of our products are exported to South America, Europe, Asia, Africa etc; our export volume ranks the top ten in China and comes out in front among self-owned brands of China.
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Hosting Elevator always following market requirement to get the trust from users around the world by its quality products and satisfactory service, expands market, establishes a sound marketing service network and service outlets and participates in different exhibition all over the world for communication. There have been about 125 agents at home and 25 agents on abroad throughout the world’s major emerging markets.


Geared Traction Passenger ElevatorGeared Machine PLC Control Steady Brake Force Passenger Lifts
Advanced Drive System Providing Enhanced Comfort Gearless Traction Elevator
Gearless Machine Drive VVVF Energy-saving Light Curtain Protetion Stretcher Lift
High Cost Performance with Gearless Traction Machine Environment-friendly Passenger Elevators
Quiet Operation Light Weight Compact Structure and Small Size Machine Roomless Elevators
Geared Machine High Stability Microcomputer Control Observation Elevator
Long Service Life Geared Machine Drive VVVF Energy-saving PLC Control Observation Lift
Gearless Traction Machine Low Noise Various Optional Configurations Panoramic Elevator
High-Speed Processing of Information and Precise Control Machine Roomless Panoramic Lift
Geared Machine Stability and Safety Microcomputer Control Bed Elevator
PLC control with Geared Traction Machine Meet Various Special using Demands Hospital Elevator
Gearless Machine Drive VVVF Energy-saving Light Curtain Protetion Stretcher Lift
Comfortable Riding Space with Power Failure Emergency Device Machine Roomless Bed lift
Reliable Operation Easily Integrated into the Building Structure Machine Roomless Car Lifts
Dual Operation Panel Design with Safety Guiding Device Machine Room Above Car Elevator
Large Span of Door Opening Sturdy and Durable Machine Roomless Cargo Elevator
Variable Frequency Traction Machine High Carrying Capacity AC VVVF Drive Goods Lift
Energy-saving and Energy Regeneration Technology Comfortable Commercial Glass Escalator
Multiple Safety Protection VVVF Drive High-performance Traction Machine Escalator
Integrated Structure Energy-saving Heavy Duty Escalator Lifts for Subway Station or Similar Condition
Low Vibration and High Safety Coefficient Energy-saving glass Passenger Conveyor

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