Quanchai Diesel Generator By HEMS Bangladesh

Quanchai Diesel Generator By HEMS Bangladesh



Established in 1949, Anhui Quanchai Engine Co., Ltd. is a well-known and large listed company through shareholding restructuring in China.

Company is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of small power multi-cylinder and single cylinder diesel engines with an output range of approximately 2kW-200kW.Annual production capacity is approximately 250,000 sets of multi-cylinder diesel engines and 500,000 sets of single-cylinder diesel engines. There are more than 3000 staff members.Their diesel engines are used as power units for electric power generators, transportation vehicles, tractors, water pumps, forklifts, agricultural machinery and construction machinery.

Quanchai is one of the 520 important enterprises of China and one of the 18 important enterprises of Anhui. Our company once gained the national prize of “5.1” labor, won the honor of “Chinese Excellent Enterprise in Machinery Industry and Chinese Advanced Organization of The Party”. Jiang Zeming, Lipeng, Wanli, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Li Tieying and other leaders have successively inspected Quanchai.



Quanchai Diesel Generator by HEMS Bangladesh

HEMS imports Quanchai diesel generator in Bangladesh. We have Full range of Quanchai diesel Powered Generator. All Quanchai Generator has one year or 8000 hours running warranty. All types of Original Quanchai spare parts are available at our office (HEMS). Thus customer has continuous support. We have also online support (please visit http://hemsbd.com/contact-us/ ) . HEMS import Quanchai Diesel Engine generator assembled in china. We do not compromise in quality. Our Quanchai diesel engine is coupled with world famous alternator brand such as Stamford , Leroy Somer , Engga, Seimens and Meccallte. Also our Quanchai genset comes up with Comap or Deep Sea Controller which are also world recognized brand. For continuous running all Quanchai Generator sets has minimum 8 hour fuel capacity tank .Quanchai engine and generator are mounted on shock absorber. Customer has also other option like canopy, ATS & AMF, Battery charger, skied mounted Canopy etc( please visit http://hemsbd.com/category/accessories/ ). We have two types of canopy in terms of sound level:  1. Sound noise level 85 db @ 7 meter distance 2. Sound noise level 85 db @ 1 meter distance

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Quanchai Engine Website : http://www.quanchai.com.cn/esitecn/Man/index.html



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